In spite of the theories surrounding aggression, aggression is most prevalent in children. There are many reasons why children are prone to aggression.  One reason could simply be the child’s personality.  Depending on which of the three temperament categories a child falls into will determine how they deal with life’s circumstances.  These three types of dispositions are easy and flexible, feisty and difficult, and fearful and sensitive.

Easy and flexible:

Easy and flexible children tend to have a positive approach to most new situations and people, adapt easily, and have an intense mood that is mostly positive.

Feisty and difficult:

Difficult or feisty children, however, have a negative reaction to new people and situations; they tend to have a high activity level, and intense negative expressions.

Fearful and sensitive:

Fearful children act negatively to new situation, as well, but once they become comfortable they open and demonstrate positive behavior

A child’s aggression may also be caused by their relationships with family members including those who are positive/negative and/or stressful to the child . Another reason why a child may become aggressive is the things that surround them such as their school, housing, and neighborhood environments . Children can also become aggressive because it’s their learned behavior . How they are taught to handle problems and violence can determine what they perceive as appropriate behaviors.

Children can also be predisposed to aggression because not many children have the social skills or self- control to manage their own behavior . Some children may come off as aggressive because they cannot find the words to deal with their aggressive feelings or they are not encouraged to express themselves, thus, causing them to become frustrated. At other times, children cannot cope with the feelings of growing anger within themselves which could lead to self- destructive or suicidal actions. Children who have been handled harshly, inconsistently, and with little consideration may have built up anger from lack of love and nurturing which causes them to act aggressively. 

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